Freelancer or a Professional App Development Company

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Freelancer or a Professional App Development Company

The world consists of over 19 million developers. More than 50% of these developers focus on developing applications for mobile platforms. Since the largest portion of market share in mobile applications is covered by iOS and Android, we can safely assume that nearly 8-10 million people in the world focus on developing applications for smartphones/tablets. With so many people that can do the work, it is not tough to find an app developer in your vicinity. However, the question that arises after seeing these facts is, ‘how to find the best app developer?

So, should you hire a mobile app development company or a freelancer to do your job? Here are four factors that will affect your decision.

Justify Your Need

If you hire a freelance app developer the freelancer might be able to help you complete one aspect of mobile application development process. For example, the freelancer can either develop the source code or the interface for the application. However, if you plan to create an application for public use or a larger user base and want to add all the necessary elements, it is advisable to hire a professional app development company. A mobile app development company is a one-stop destination right from the phase of idea generation to execution, post-development testing and marketing too.


Who is Your Audience?

When you wish to target a large population, you need to go with a mobile application development team to serve your customers better. You can hire a freelance mobile app developer for the project, if you are developing a mobile application for a limited audience and intend to work with a limited budget.

Confidentiality of the Project

If you are concerned with the confidentiality of the mobile application source code, it is best to hire a mobile application development company for your project. You cannot solely rely on the someone’s word. It is best to sign a legally binding document with an app development company that plans to use the application source code for your project alone.

Time and Testing Constraints

If you want your application up and running in the least amount of time, you need to rely on a reputable app development company that will finish the testing procedure for you. However, if you have a team of ethical hackers or application testing software within your company, you can opt for a freelancer. In the second scenario, the overall development cost for your application might increase significantly.

The best application developers know that it is not only difficult but almost impossible to develop a complete application single-handedly. They realize that it is not so much about developing the pure source code, but also adding the necessary graphical elements to make the applications truly appealing. Out of the millions of applications on Google Play and iTunes, less than 1% have over a billion downloads. Most of these applications are made by some of the best application development teams in the world.